Pipe Lighters
Angle your way towards our collection of pipe lighters that presents pipe smokers with the ultimate tool to satisfy their pipe smoking needs. We offer pipe lighters from many popular brands including Visol, IM Corona, Xikar, Zippo, and Lotus. With an angled flame, you can light up your pipe with ease. Our variety of pipe lighters range from affordable to luxury lighters designed with sophisticated and handsome styles. The key to lighting your pipe efficiently is a soft angled flame. At eLighters.com, we provide a wide selection of pipe lighters from many popular brands to satisfy your pipe smoking needs. Instead of using any old lighter laying around, make sure to choose an appropriate lighter constructed to light a pipe. Pipes require a soft flame oppose to a jet flame or torch lighters since a soft flame lighter can provide an angled flame that protects the smoker. Visol products present the Dual and Sherlock, affordable pipe lighters that are even engravable for select models. Corona Old Boy lighters are popular lighters for pipe smokers for their classic design and lifetime warranty offered by IM Corona. These traditional Corona lighters features a 90 degree adjustable flame perfect for pipe smokers.
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