Xikar Lighters
Xikar takes pride in providing value to their customers with their attention to detail and design. An established brand in the cigar cutters market, they have expanded their product line to include a wide selection of cigar lighters. Xikar is one of the few brands out there to offer a Lifetime Warranty on their products. Stylish and reliable, Xikar delivers with their impeccable construction and superior design.
Xikar is well-known for their famous lifetime warranty translating into a lifetime satisfaction for their customers. Xikar provides unique and sophisticated constructed lighters by designing products with a reliable and ergonomic design. At eLighters, we provide a large selection of Xikar lighters ideal for cigar to pipe smokers. If you seeking a lighter to share with your friends while smoking cigars on the patio, their tabletop lighters will do the job. In addition, Xikar delivers with their Scribe Pipe Lighters which are easy to maneuver and functional for your on-the-go pipe smoking experience. Available in variety of models and styles, Xikar Ultra series comes equipped with a cigar cutter to the front perfect for cigar aficionados looking for a clean and fresh cut with every click. Butane refillable torch flame lighters, Xikar is one of the few makers of lighters to offer lifetime warranty so keep that in mind when purchasing your lighter at eLighters.
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