Corona Lighters
Impressive lighters famous for their Old Boy lighter design, IM Corona Lighters are famous for their premium quality. IM Corona has been constructing beautiful and dependable lighters since 1933. Amazing lighters for both pipe and cigar smokers, we are proud at eLighters to offer a wide selection of their magnificent lighters made in Japan.
Made in Japan, IM Corona Lighters provide reliability with their impeccable construction and two-year manufacturer's warranty. IM Corona is well-known for their quality control and expertise in lighter craftsmanship. For the cigar and pipe smokers, you are sure to find a lighter to suit your smoking preferences. Corona's Old Boy Lighter is ideal for pipe smokers with its 90 degree angled standard butane flame that also works for lighting cigars and cigarettes. With this three-in-one smoking tool, you can satisfy a combination of smoking preferences with this versatile lighter with a flint ignition. The Old Boy Lighters come with a built-in pipe tamper and tank that requires premium butane. At eLighters, we offer the Classico, Double, Flamebeau, Pipe Master, Aero, Accord, Roller, Elysee and Pipe Maggie collection. With our wide variety of IM Corona, you are sure to find a reliable lighter here to satisfy especially with its two-year manufacturer's warranty from IM Corona.
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