Cigarette Cases
Prefer regular or 100s size cigarettes? At eLighters, we cater to all cigarette smokers with our large selection of cigarette cases for men and women. From leather cigarette cases to women's cigarette cases, we've got you covered! Sophisticated cases to protect your precious cigarettes, our cases are constructed from metal, leather or a combination of both. In addition, free engraving options is available to add that personalized touch. Engrave or imprint (leather only) a unique message for a personalized cigarette case, a wonderful gift for many occasions!
The government is now passing laws that will require cigarette companies to display unpleasant pictures of lungs. Because of this, people have started using cigarette case instead of the old-fashioned pack. Smoking is not good for health and we encourage everyone to quit smoking. But if you have to smoke then why not use a cigarette case to carry your cigarettes in style? At eLighters, we provide a large assortment of cigarette cases for both men and women. These cool cigarette cases are offering in a variety of styles and designs allowing you to choose one to reflect your personal taste. We also offer free engraving on many of the cigarette cases.
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