Dunhill Lighters
A superior manufacturer of luxury lighters, Dunhill delivers with their impeccable construction and high quality. Since 1924, Dunhill has been producing lighters for the distinct smoker who appreciates precision and quality. Their most popular lighter, the Rollagas, is their best selling lighter which has not change in design since 1956. One of the best luxury butane lighters in the market, Dunhill will provide you with confidence with every smoke.
Famous for their Rollagas Lighters, Dunhill produced one of the first butane gas lighters in the mid 1950s. Since 1957, their iconic lighter has remained relatively unchanged but now is in available in a variety of styles. Their Rollagas lighters are their best selling collection thanks to an iconic design that retains the functionality of a classic lighter. In our Dunhill collection, you will discover Rollagas lighters with tiger, alligator, barley, weave and more patterns accenting these reliable and luxurious lighters. At eLighters, we also offer the Unique Pocket and Unique Turbo series lighters. Most Dunhill lighters feature brass body with a palladium or rhodium finish depending on the model.
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