Brizard & Co Lighters
Cyril Brizard has been creating cigar accessories for over ten years. Now, Brizard & Co. have worked to bring you attractive and reliable cigar lighters. Handmade by expert craftsmen, Brizard lighters seek to bring you unrivaled comfort and style while maintaining functionality. At eLighters, we offer the Retro 1 and Churchill collection from Brizard & Co available in variety of leathers and textures.
Cyril Brizard of Brizard & Co has been crafting the most beautiful cigar accessories with genuine leather over many years. He finally came out with a line of cigar lighters with genuine leather wrapped around giving it a sophisticated look. Fine living accessories, Brizad & Co is proud to present their line of beautiful and superior crafted lighters built with top quality materials. For cigar smokers seeking elegance with every ignition, Brizard Lighters are the direction to go. Made in Japan, Brizard offers a lifetime warranty on their lighters which are butane refillable. These butane lighters are wrapped with luxury leather available in variety of shades and styles adding to its unique and fascinating design. At eLighters, we sell the Retro 1 and Churchill collection from Brizad & Co.
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