Table Lighters
At eLighters, discover an assortment of table lighters to suit your smoking needs at the home or office. An elegant accent piece for your table, a table lighter is the perfect way to light indoors without any fuss. Durable and reliable, we provide a wide selection of table lighters from the brands Visol, Colibri, Lotus and Xikar. Ignite a flame to your cigar for you or a group of friends as you gather around the table to relax and smoke cigar in leisure!
Toast your cigars and cigarettes with a table lighter here at eLighters. Table lighters are the quintessential smoking accessory for those who love to socialize by smoking with their friends out on a patio. Instead of venturing back into your house for a light or emptying out the butane of your everyday pocket lighter at a faster pace, get a convenient table lighter! At eLighters, we offer a variety of table lighters from the top brands, Visol, Lotus, Xikar and more. These powerful torch flame lighters vary flame ignition. From a single flame to five powerful torch flames of the Dobrev V, toast your favorite smoking device along with your friends with one of these reliable table lighters.
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