Cigar Cases
For cigar aficionados, keep your cigars crushproof and secure with one of our amazing cigar cases. Shop our selection of metal and leather cigar cases to protect your valuable cigars. From an evening out with your friends to a road trip, keep your favorite cigars by your side at all times with one of our cool cigar cases. They make wonderful gifts for the seasoned cigar smoke especially with our free engraving offer. Personalize your cigar cases with a name or special message. We also offer a wide variety of leather cigar cases and stainless steel cigar tubes.
Cigar smokers in past few years have grown more sophisticated in the way they carry and smoke their cigars. Instead of using the zip-loc bag, you will find most cigar smokers carrying their cigars in cigar cases. As a result, cigar cases have evolved quite a bit in style and features. Quite a few cigar cases we offer have cedar lining inside to keep the freshness and aroma of the tobacco wrapper. A cigar carried in a cigar case does not loose the humidity as fast and the cigar case also protects the fragile wrapper from being cracked. But apart from all these, it just looks classy to carry cigars in cigar cases. And most young cigar smokers these days will not have it any other way!
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