A small and compact lighter is the perfect accessory to travel with so explore our variety of classic Zippo lighters and find one that suits your needs. Free engraving is offered on many of these lighters so get a customized lighter at a great price with Zippo. These lighters feature a high chrome polish finish to brass finish adding to their classic and timeless style. Zippo Class Lighters are made in the USA and backed by Zippo's lifetime warranty.
Zippo Classic lighters offer convenience at your finger tips when it comes to lighting your cigars and cigarettes with their flint ignition system. These lighters are backed up with the legendary lifetime warranty guaranteed by Zippo. They boast a compact and slender modeling that fits perfectly in your jeans pocket or bags with its convenient design. These flint lighters uses lighter fluid and come in a variety of colors and styles. Surf through our selection and discover classic Zippo lighters, shades of blue, red, pink and more lighters to match your personal Zippo style.
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