Pewter Flasks
Pewter flasks make elegant and timeless gifts with their durable and reliable construction. These premium quality flasks are constructed from genuine pewter that makes excellent gifts to pass down from generation to generation. Pewter flasks are known for their temperature maintenance quality that keeps your drinks cool or hot for hours at a time. For a memorable and unique finish, we offer personalization options on these pewter flasks. Add a touch of engraving at no extra charge here at eLighters!
Pewter flasks are known for their natural temperature regulation and solid construction. Compared to stainless steel flasks, pewter flasks are heavier in weight though they are built to last longer. If you are looking for a flask to past down from generation to generation, a pewter flask is the ideal choice. These durable flasks are constructed from premium quality pewter that's engravable. Here at eLighters, we provide a selection of pewter flasks ready to be personalized with free engraving. Pewter flasks naturally regulate the temperature of drink hold in its encasing with its thicker walls.
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