Small and Big Flasks
Want to take large flask on a fishing trip? Or need somethe very small to carry discretely? We offer small and large flasks in variety of different sizes. If space and size is an issue, or you simply prefer something more compact and discreet, our smaller flasks are sure to do the trick with their slender construction. Capable of being stored in smaller pockets, purses and sometimes even leather cell phone holders, these flasks are absolute and hard proof that good things can come in small packages. Also, some of these small goods can even be personalized with our engraving options.
Don't judge a flask by its size, especially one of our small flasks here at eLighters. These super cool flasks serve a special purpose even if they can only a limited amount of liquor. For drinking discretely, these flasks sure do the trick especially our small flask designed in a shape of cell phone. From stainless steel to leather, we offer a variety of small flasks to satisfy your personal style. From classic black leather to glitter and beyond, discover a cool flasks that can be customized with our variety of engraving options. We provide free engraving giving you the opportunity to create a customize gift that your friends and family will chersih. From a name to a special message, you can personalize one of these small flasks for a memorable that will last years to come.
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