Flask Accessories
Now that you have your flask, how are you going to fill your favorite beverage into the flask without leaving a mess? With the flask accessories we provide, you will be able to get those delicious beverages inside the flask at ease with our funnels. Perhaps you need a smaller container to drink from as well? We also provide a variety of shot glasses to go alongside your portable drink holder.
Improve your drinking experience with one of our handy flask accessories. It can be a major pain to attempt to fill your flask by hand straight from the bottle. Instead of losing any precious liquor, take the safe route with one of our funnels. The Petal and Superspeed will help you fill your flask to its maximum potential with ease and convenience. Do you enjoy taking shots? At eLighters, we provide a variety of shot cup packages from telescopic to multiple shot cups in a leather carrying case. In addition, discover shot measure tool to help you create mix drinks.
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