Cigar Tubes
Carry your favorite cigar around in style with one of our cool cigar tubes. From single to double cigar tubes, our selection of cigar tubes features premium quality stainless steel to aluminum based tubes that are completely engravable for select items. We recommend engraving initials, especially a monogram font, for a unique and custom cigar tube for you or a friend. In addition to cigar tubes, we also carry cigar cases.
During a night out on the town, take precautions and protect your cigars from crushing and uncertain weather conditions with a cigar tube. At eLighters, we provide cigar tubes that are capable of holding a single cigar to three at a time. Cigar tubes are constructed from premium quality stainless or aluminum with polished to brush finish. For a custom design, our engraving options will make these cigar tubes unforgettable gifts for friends and family. Personalize them with a name or initials. We highly recommend engraving a monogram font for their unique and distinct marking.
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