Colibri Cigar Cutters
The perfect draw with the drop of a sharp guillotine blade, Colibri provides high quality cigar cutters ready to improve your cigar smoking experience. Colibri offers cigar cutters with single to dual guillotine blades constructed from stainless steel. From golden to silver tones, to even bold pops of color, Colibri showcases the best selection of cigar cutters to suit your personal style. We also offer lighters from Colibri to go along with your cigar cutter.
Since 1928, Colibri has been offering superior service and quality products. Their cigar cutters are no exception. Leave a fresh and clean finish to your cigars with every slice with a cigar cutter from Colibri. Colibri offers a variety of cigar cutters in many different styles and shades. From classic stainless steel finish to bright blue, you will find a cigar cutter to fulfill your cigar cutting needs and match your personality.
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