100s Size Cigarette Cases
Prefer smoking 100s size cigarettes? These longer cigarettes pack more tobacco but require a case a long enough to hold their frame. Move from a regular size cigarette case to one of our 100s size cigarette cases. At eLighters, we provide you with a variety of cigarette cases constructed from stainless steel to even leather! We offer engraving on many of these 100s size cigarette cases making them an ideal and custom gift for friends and family.
Carrying around your cigarettes in a regular paper case can be hazard in your pocket or bag especially if it's prone to being squashed and crushed, Longer in length, 100s size cigarettes require extra room to squeeze their entire length which can be accomplished with one of these longer cigarette cases. Discover 100s size cigarette cases for both men and women in this large assortment of cases.
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