Tonino Lamborghini Corsa Collection
Sleek and stylish, the Corsa is a set designed by Tonino Lamborghini truly designed to impress with its immaculate construction and handsome design. These strong and durable items all feature two red garnet stones with a white topaz stone in the middle on a lustrous titanium body. From their lighters to cigar cutters, Lamborghini always delivers when it comes to class and elegance so add one of these amazing items to your wardrobe!
The Corsa collection from Tonino Lamborghini features smooth carbon fiber accented with a bold shade of color. This collection brings together modern style and appeal with its combination of stainless steel and titanium. Every man needs to amp up their wardrobe with a cool accessory that reflects their personal style and taste. In the Corsa collection, you will discover red, green, blue and orange accented accessories. The collection includes bracelets, cufflinks, money clips, ring and more menís accessories.
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