Flask Gift Sets For Men
A wonderful gift for any special occasion, gift your man with one of our cool flask gift sets! Equipped with funnels and shot cups, our selection of flask gift sets make unique gifts with our engraving offer on most flasks in these sets. From groomsmen to a birthday boy, you are sure to find a flask gift set that matches their personal taste and style. We even have special advice for specific occasions like the Groom's Guide, the Birthday Brief, or even the Vacation's Viewpoint! Discover the ideal flask gift set here at eLighters!
Flask Gift Sets from Men are customized gift sets ready to be built specially for you! These gift sets make wonderful presents for all occasions especially groomsmen gifts with their engravable plates and surface. From polished stainless steel to sleek, black leather, we've got you covered when it comes to the best selection of flasks gift sets at affordable prices especially with our quantity discount offer when you buy five or more of the same flask gift set. At eLighters, discover flask gift sets packed with funnels and shot cups. The standard gift sets come with a flask and funnel for easy filling. If you prefer an extra drinking tool, a shot cup, we suggest either the stellar or deluxe gift set. The stellar gift sets come with a telescopic shot cup with a key chain. You can sip your favorite drink from a shot cup on the go with its portable shot cup, flask and funnel gift set. If you require more than one shot cup to share drinks with friends, go deluxe all the way! These gift sets include a flask, funnel and couple of shot cups. For your friends and family who enjoy both smoking and drinking, we got flask and lighter gift sets for them too!
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