Tonino Lamborghini Il Toro Green Torch Flame Lighter
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Product Description
Packed with a bull and a fierce style to match, the Il Toro from Tonino Lamborghini excels with its cool and sleek construction. A suave polished stainless steel torch flame lighter coated with a vivid lime green coat gives it a distinguished and bright appearance. An imprinted and outline bull will first draw your eyes to this inventive lighter with a ridged side that functions as the ignition button for the lighter. Push down on this etched side and light up your favorite smoking device within a matter of seconds. To the opposite side of this illustrious lighter, a fuel gauge window is cool feature that will definitely come in handy. Covered with lime green lacquer, get this striking lighter to fit your bold and creative personality. It comes in a must-have black and red leather gift box fit for a lighter of this magnitude so order one today!

  • Approx. Dimensions: 2.45" (Height) x 1.60" (Width) x 0.35" (Thickness)
  • Approx. Weight: 2.68 oz.
  • Torch Flame Lighter
  • Premium Quality Stainless Steel

    Check out the matching cigar cutter to go with this lighter!
  • Product Review

    Review (1)

    Chari Rosenthal

    One word for this Lamborghini logo enamel lighter: hotness! Love it. Thank you.

    Tonino Lamborghini Il Toro Green Torch Flame Lighter

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