How Do I Refill a Lighter?

  • Please empty the lighter of all butane gas before you refill the lighter.
    • Safety Instructions Before Emptying A Lighter:

    • When emptying a lighter, please keep the lighter away from face as well as away from an open flame, heat source or a source of static charge.
    • Please DO NOT try to ignite a lighter while it is being emptied or refilled.
    • Keep the lighter and butane gas away from children.
    • Please empty the lighter in an area with good ventilation.
    • Read the warnings on the butane cartridge.
    • If the lighter has a cover, please keep it closed while emptying the lighter.

  • How to Empty the Lighter?
    • To empty it, hold it in a vertically upright position and depress the filler valve (located at the bottom of lighter)
      with a ball-pen or screwdriver.
    • Continue applying pressure on the valve until the hissing sound stops, making sure no butane gas is left in the lighter.

  • How to Refill the lighter:
    • Please make sure the lighter is completely emptied of butane before you attempt to refill it. See instructions above to learn how to empty a lighter.
    • Set the flame adjuster (located at bottom of lighter) to the "-" position as far as possible.
    • Turn the lighter upside down so that you can see the butane valve.
    • While the lighter is upside down, press the butane canister nozzle tip firmly for five seconds. The lighter should
      be filled now. Please use only Premium Butane to refill your lighter.
    • Wait at least 3 minutes before you ignite the lighter. If you hear a hissing sound coming out of the lighter during
      this waiting period, please do not ignite the lighter. Please return it to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.
    • Rotate the flame adjuster (located on or near the refill valve) towards "+" sign (not all the way).
    • Now you can ignite your lighter. Please adjust the flame height as per your requirement by moving the flame adjuster towards "+" to increase flame height or "-" to decrease flame height.
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