Groomsmen Gifts

Here on our Groomsmen Gift Ideas page, youíll find all the best combinations of gifts to present to your groomsmen and the rest of your wedding party on your big day. Each gift set has been hand-selected by our dedicated staff and given extreme scrutiny to ensure that it will provide you with the perfect choice for the guys who stand by you through thick and thin.

Many of the items recommended below can be personalized by a custom engraving or leather imprint. Such additions make for a truly thoughtful and memorable gift, and we highly encourage you to consider having your wedding details, the names of your groomsmen, or even a special message inscribed right on the items of your choosing.

As always, eLighters features only the best in quality and price. Find what youíve been looking for in a groomsmen gift right here, and thanks for choosing eLighters to help make your wedding the best it can be.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas:

1.  The Traditional Set:

To give proper honor to those who are serving you on your wedding day, we offer the quintessential groomsmen gift set. This collection revolves around the irreplaceable Tux deluxe flask gift set, the ideal choice for the formal atmosphere of a wedding. Present this exquisite item with an engraving to your groomsmen and best man to really let them know how much you value their friendship. You can also present your best man with the wonderful Grant II cufflinks, engraved with his initials, as an added display of the unshakable bond between groom and best man. To the ushers and attendants, who demonstrate airs of grace and care throughout the day, get them the always useful pocketknife with built-in lighter, a truly amazing tool theyíre sure to love. Finally, for the man who deserves the most respect and reverence, the father of the bride, you must choose your gift with utmost diligence. We humbly suggest the Grant money clip and cufflinks gift set, engraved with the date and his initials as a strong sign of devotion and esteem. With these gifts, you are sure to impress upon your entire wedding party the deep depths of your thoughtfulness and feeling. Make your most special of days memorable for all with the Traditional Set today.

Set Includes:

2.  The Most Appropriate Set:

For the groom looking to honor his wedding party without going over budget, we offer here a way to give respect, demonstrate your feelings, and save a lot of money. The Most Appropriate set features one of the most popular wedding flasks, the six ounce Derek, as the centerpiece for your groomsmen and best man. Cast in a beautiful satin finish, you can add an engraving with your wedding details or even peruse our incredible laser engraving options as well. Your groomsmen will love the versatile style of their new flasks as well as your own thoughtful additions via engravings. Then, for the father of the bride, the man who will walk the love of your life down the aisle, the Franklin money clip is the clear choice. Dashing and bright, itís sure to convey your admiration and thanks for his blessings on your matrimony. Make sure that when your wedding day comes, youíre prepared to give respect to those who deserve it with a set of gifts Most Appropriate.

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3.  The Gentleman's Collection:

For the sophisticated groom on one of the most formal and important days of his life, those serving him must be recognized and rewarded as the greatest of gentleman. This set combines all of the most refined and fitting gifts which will give proper due to everyone involved in your wedding. For your groomsmen, a deluxe flask gift set is in order, namely the lovely Ano flask gift set. The amalgamation of leather with a silver or gold imprint featuring the names of your groomsmen and your wedding details is unmistakably excellent. Your excited groomsmen are sure to agree. For the best man, it is only appropriate that he receives what his title commands: the best. Thatís why he should receive the Fountain of Youth deluxe flask gift set, hand made of genuine pewter. Elegant and engravable, a gift such as this will remain etched in his memory for all time. For the father of the bride, extreme delicacy is needed in presenting him with a gift that tactfully conveys your appreciation for his support and service. The Arizona money clip and cuff link gift set, each engraved with his name or initials, will provide a touching and useful gift that will clearly express your thanks. Finally, being a true gentleman, you cannot forget the ardent support of your ushers and attendants, the hard working men behind the scenes who ensure the smooth success of every detail on your special day. Reward them with an elegant black leather notepad and let them know that their efforts have not gone unnoticed. With attention and care to every detail, the Gentlemanís Collection will provide the refined man with all he needs for those in his service.

Set Includes:

4.  The Cigar Set:

This set was created with men who like to relax together while enjoying a nice cigar in mind. Taking a cigar, with perhaps some scotch after a grand meal, can lead to one of the most relaxing bonding experiences men can share, and outfitting your groomsmen and others with the items in this set will let them know that such fine times will come again, even better than before. First, for your best friend and best man, give him everything he needs for the best in cigar smoking with a black and chrome ashtray gift set. It comes complete with a large engravable ashtray, a table lighter featuring a triple torch flame, and cigar scissors elegantly placed upon a stone rest. Such a set is sure to make a fine experience for the both of you in years to come. For your groomsmen, the dual torch flame satin chrome Dynamo is the ideal choice. It quickly and efficiently lights cigars, allowing for a perfect draw in no time. You can also provide them with affordable and engravable cigar cutters like the Pizarro, selected to match the style and grace of your wedding and the Dynamo as well. The Pizarro also makes a great addition for ushers, attendants, and even the father of the bride. Speaking of the man who will walk your love down the aisle and give her over to your care, dutifully present him with a three-finger black leather cigar case for an incredible gift that will more than demonstrate your devotion and thanks. Available with leather imprints in gold and silver, you can inscribe a touching message of appreciation and gratitude along with his name or your wedding details for a complete package he wonít soon forget. As an added bonus for all receiving your thoughtful gifts, consider a cigar rest for golfers or those in your wedding who especially enjoy relaxing while puffing on their favorite cigars. An added touch like that, along with a complete array of cigar accessories, will make your wedding day gifts memorable and heartfelt for all involved.

Set Includes:

5.  The Set For Drinking Buddies:

For the group of boys who always enjoy a night out on the town with their favorite beverages in full, eLighters is proud to present a custom-designed set just for you. What would a night of drinking be without the most popular choice in flasks, the eight ounce satin finish Derek deluxe flask gift set? Itís got everything you need to transport your favorite drinks all over town. Present this to your groomsmen and best man and let them know that the good times youíve shared will only get better from here on out. Add an engraving with your wedding details, or even consider an amazing laser engraving for the fine six ounce version of the flask in this set. Of course, some of your most prized libations come in a bottle that is not easily opened. A stainless steel bottle opener is sure to help you out every time, and makes a great gift for your groomsmen, best man, ushers, and attendants as well. Give them something formal in style and yet useful every day with this incredible bottle opener. It can be engraved as well for a truly memorable gift. For the father of the bride, let him know that you look forward to bonding over shared sports teams or special occasions with the Tailgater drink mixer. Football shaped and polished for an amazing finish, you can present this mixer with the Spot On shot measuring tool for an incredible gift heís sure to love. Celebrate your most special of days and all the great times to come the way they should be, with a frosted cold beverage and all the accessories to enjoy them most with the Set for Drinking Buddies today.

Set Includes:

6.  The Smoker's Set:

Are you the kind of guy who enjoys a relaxing cigarette break with your boys to take the stress out of your day? If these kind of times are some of you and your groomsmenís most prized, we suggest you take these sentiments into consideration when selecting the all-important groomsmen gifts. For instance, you can enhance the enjoyment of smoking for your groomsmen and your best man with a windproof, torch flame lighter like the Maverick so they can take pleasure in their cigarettes no matter what the conditions may be. Engrave your wedding details right onto the lighter and give them a gift that will remind them of your appreciation and most special of days every time they take a smoke break. You can even add the fantastic Umbra, a leather cigarette case, for your best man as a strong sign of the close bond between you. A quality case like the Umbra also makes a great gift for ushers and attendants as well. The father of the bride requires a gift of great elegance and reverence. Thatís why we suggest a real crystal and stainless steel ashtray, a fantastic piece that will make both a lovely and useful decoration. You can even purchase this ashtray with an included crystal table lighter in an elegant gift set! Let your groomsmen and everyone else in your wedding party know just how much you value their time, commitment, and service to your ceremony with a gift theyíre sure to use and love for years to come with the Smokerís Set.

Set Includes:

7.  The Golfer's Choice:

For the friends who spend their most valued time on the golf course, the clear choice for groomsmen gifts is the Golferís Choice. Golf themed for the men who have served and been there for you throughout your engagement and before, this set is sure to enhance their enjoyment of the game and the experiences on the course youíll share with them for years to come. For the groomsmen and best man, nothing is more appropriate than a laser engraved wedding flask for golfers. Your groomsmen will carry this flask with pride on the course as they quench their thirst in the warm sun between holes. You can also present your best man with the Wedge business card case, a little something extra for him to take his love of the game out of the country club and into the office. This case comes with free engraving as well. For the father of the bride, let him know that you look forward to getting to know him even better over a round of your favorite game with an assorted gift set of all the essentials, including tees, balls, and a divot tool that can be engraved with his name! And like the Wedge, this item comes with free engraving! A relaxing game of golf is a great way to bond with your new father-in-law, and this gift is a great opportunity to suggest such an outing. Finally, for the men who see that every last detail is as it should be, a stainless steel golf divot tool will show them how you have taken notice of their fine work and how appreciative you are of their efforts. Give your wedding party gifts that will allow them to enjoy a great game even more with the Golferís Choice gift set, and they'll be sure to keep your most important of days in mind every time they're on the course.

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8.  The Business Buddies Set:

Are many of your groomsmen friends and colleagues, or very big into the fast-paced world of business? A groomsmen gift based on their love of professional endeavors would let them know how much you care and help them raise their game to the next level: the perfect combination in a thoughtful gift. That's why we offer the incredible Business Buddies Set, a specially crafted set meant just for those groomsmen who are always looking to get ahead. And for these groomsmen and your best man, we suggest the always appropriate and eye-catching Executive business card case from Visol. You can place their names on the front with our free engraving offer for a truly professional look they can carry with confidence. As an additional gift for your best man, consider the Malamute stainless steel cigar tube with built-in flask, as well. Nothing goes with a business negotiation like a stiff drink and a strong cigar, and with this two-finger tube, your best man will have everything he needs to close the deal on hand at all times. For the father of the bride, consider a desktop business card holder for an esteemed look heís sure to love. Finally, for the ushers and attendants who do their best to see that everything goes to plan, a key ring with a bright LED light is both appropriate and practical for their much appreciated service. Get your wedding party the gifts theyíve been wanting with the Business Buddies Set and they are sure to remember your gratitude and your wedding day for years to come.

Set Includes:

9.  The Jet Set:

This gift set was specifically designed for men on the move, your jet-setting friends that have been there through it all despite the hectic life of a traveler. Show them how much their time has meant to you with an assortment of useful gifts theyíll never forget. Get your groomsmen and best man the Rover travel gift set packed full of everything theyíll need on the open road or in the clear blue skies. It comes complete with two flasks, a telescopic shot cup, stirring rod, tongs, and a carrying case that holds all these items without taking up too much space. Oh, and it also happens to come with free engraving for your convenience as well. To especially reward your best man, your closest confidante, get a black leather travel humidor that will safely store his favorite cigars no matter where he may go. Cedar lined and designed to safeguard even the longest Churchill cigars, he will be blown away by such an amazing gift of appreciation. For the father of the bride, consider a travel alarm clock. Both digital and analog, it comes with free engraving, allowing you to express your appreciation with a great, functional gift heíll use for years and years. Donít forget the hard work of your ushers and attendants, as well. Show them your deepest gratitude with a black synthetic leather CD/DVD case, a great gift that everyone can use. When your wedding party travels, help make their long distance journeys a little easier with these fine gift ideas. They may wind up passing the hours reminiscing on your most special of days for your efforts.

Set Includes:

10.  Pulling Out All the Stops:

Going full force to make your wedding the most memorable experience for all involved? Sparing no expense for every last detail, including the ever-important gifts from the groom? If so, then this is the gift set for you. This gift set ensures that not only will your wedding party understand your appreciation for their work, but they will also be truly taken aback by your generosity and extravagance with every gift. Let us start with the groomsmen, arguably the most important men in your wedding, besides yourself, of course. They and the best man deserve the most elegant of all our flask gift sets: the Beau Monde deluxe flask gift set. Finished in a beautiful pattern of crocodile leather, the Beau Monde offers a quality choice in flasks that will surely surprise them. In addition to this, give them a fantastic money clip like the Sherman as well. Besides being extremely popular and fashionable, the Sherman provides an excellent method of storing money and credit cards safely and securely in its stainless steel grasp. The Sherman can be engraved with the names or initials of your groomsmen, and makes a wonderful choice for ushers and attendants as well. As an additional gift for your most esteemed best man, consider a cigar humidor like the Habsburg, an elegant humidor that will protect his cigars with a lining of only the best Spanish cedar. Such a collection is sure to overwhelm him with appreciation. For the father of the bride, a good impression and delicate attention to detail is necessary. That is why he deserves only the best, such as a Dolan money clip of sterling silver and 14kt gold and a limited edition Fifth Avenue ashtray by S.T. Dupont. These immaculate items are crafted with incredible precision and will deeply convey your gratitude and excitement for your future with his daughter and the rest of his family as well. For an event that comes but once in a lifetime, make sure you are Pulling Out All the Stops for your wedding party, your true love, and everyone in attendance.

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