Boveda B75 Cube with 12 72% RH cigar humidification packs
Product Description
  • Cube of 12 units of individually wrapped large boveda 75% RH cigar humidification packs (60 gram packs);
  • Shelf Life before opening: 2 years; Clean and simple way to keep your cigars humidified;
  • Last from 2-4 months in a seasoned humidor; When pack becomes hard / solid it is time to replace;
  • Made with carefully prepared mixture of natural salt and pure water; Reverse Osmosis helps keep the cigars humidified; Automatically maintains the humidity level inside of your humidor;
  • Please do not mix different RH level packs in same humidor. Also please refrain from using a different humidification device when using Boveda. It will decrease the efficiency of the Boveda pack.
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