Bridesmaids Gifts

Here you’ll find an incredible array of options for your best girls on your wedding day. Before you make your trip down the aisle, reward the ladies who have stayed so devoted and committed to your every need with one of these fine gift sets. Each set has been subjected to an arduous process by our staff to ensure that we offer you only the best in quality and price. You're sure to find the right set for you and the women who are helping to make your wedding day one of the best, most memorable times of your life.

Almost all the items below come with a wide range of engraving options, and there are many free engraving sales to be found as well. Personalize your gift sets for a touching gift they'll remember forevermore.

From all of here at eLighters, we want to wish you congratulations on finding the love of your life, and we wish you the very best in your wedding and all the good times to come. Thanks for choosing us to help with such an important part of your wedding, and happy shopping!

Bridesmaids Gift Ideas:

  1. The Traditional Set:

    For the Traditional approach to bridesmaids gifts, check out this wonderful selection by the folks here at eLighters. Perfect for timeless and classic weddings, this set offers wonderful gifts that never go out of style. For your bridesmaids and maid of honor, the girls who have helped you plan your most special of days and with whom you have shared so many memories, we humbly suggest a pink suede photo album. The front flap features a stainless steel engraving plate, and the album itself is offered with free engraving, so you can inscribe your wedding details onto the album free of charge. Include photos of your friendship over the years and during the engagement, or let them fill the album with memories of their own for the time to come. Either way, they are sure to love this heartfelt gift. As an additional gift to your maid of honor, consider a pocket mirror with inlaid crystals, an essential accessory you know she’ll love. Besides your bridesmaids, there are two other very important members of your wedding party who make their way down the aisle and do a great service to the ceremony: the flower girl and the ring bearer. Reward these little ones with great presents like a pink bracelet for the young lady and an engravable, stainless steel yoyo for the young man. Gifts like these are sure to make them smile, and the set as a whole will ensure that everyone in your wedding party will know the depth and large extent of your appreciation for their service on such a significant occasion.

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  2. The Set of Appreciation:

    Weddings have a tendency to go way over budget. On a day so important, it's natural and completely understandable to want the best of the best in every detail. However, when you are looking to show your gratitude but cannot break your bank at the same time, the Set of Appreciation will come through for you. It features a lovely collection of items, all of which are nicely priced, and our suggestions are recommended to only the most important members of your wedding party. With this set, you can convey your deepest thanks without having to reach deep into your pockets. First, consider a stainless steel mirror wrapped in a pink leather pouch for your bridesmaids and maid of honor. You can engrave your wedding details and their names onto the mirror for a personalized look they’ll never forget. You can also especially reward your maid of honor for her steadfast devotion through the hectic process of planning your most important day with an engravable photo locket. Petite and cute, it’s sure to send a message of gratitude and love along with the photo of your choosing. Finally, let’s not forget our flower girl! A pretty pink bracelet with her name engraved on the top will make for an inexpensive choice she will love and wear for years to come. With this gift set, you can give great and thoughtful gifts to your wedding party without having to spend many hundreds of dollars. So go ahead and save your money while showing the utmost thanksgiving with the Set of Appreciation today.

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  3. The Complete Bride's Set:

    Make sure everyone involved in your wedding knows just how much you appreciate their service with the Complete Bride’s Set. It comes full of diverse and delightful presents perfect for all kinds of attendants and aids, and with it you can be sure that no assistance will go unrewarded. Spread the love, starting with the bridesmaids and the maid of honor, with a stainless steel manicure set, complete with all the essentials for a full and convenient manicure. The case can even be personalized for each of your ladies with your wedding details and their names! Then, because your maid of honor stands out amongst the rest in her dedication and service, especially honor her with a pendant watch, a delicate and enchanting thank-you. Your attendants deserve recognition for their steadfast devotion and service as well, and a cell phone strap is just the thing you need to give them something unexpected, useful, and most important, memorable. Finally, we must never forget the children, the ring bearer and flower girl, for braving the aisle at so young an age. Reward their courage and helpfulness with a stainless steel yoyo for the boy and a pocket mirror in a pink leather pouch for the girl. When everyone gets a gift, everyone remembers your wedding, so make the memories grow today with the Complete Bride's Set by eLighters.

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  4. The Set From the Heart:

    It’s true that gifts to the wedding party from the bride are a part of the storied and wonderful tradition of marriage, but it must not be overlooked that the reason these gifts are given in the first place is as a means of thanks and gratitude that is Set straight From the Heart. For the bride who recognizes this notion most vividly, a heart-themed gift set from eLighters. Beginning with your esteemed bridesmaids and maid of honor, we suggest a photo locket with a heart shape on the front. Simple and timeless as the heart itself, you can engrave messages, your wedding details, or your bridesmaids’ names right on the locket for a personal touch from the depths of your appreciation. Include a special photograph or let them add their own memories to the locket. Either way, it’s sure to be a gift they won’t soon forget. Your maid of honor requires further attention for her above-and-beyond efforts, so indulge her with a business card case featuring a red crystal heart. The case can serve as a great way for anything from business cards to credit cards, and many women use these cases as strong protection in places like clubs where purses are too inconvenient. Finally, for the attendants, a heart-shaped purse hanger, an extremely useful and unique gift they won’t see coming. Add up all these wonderful and engravable items for a gift set that truly expresses just how thankful you are to be surrounded by such incredible people. Show them you care with the Set From the Heart today.

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  5. For Girls Who Wanna Have Fun:

    If you are always down for a girls’ night out, and some of your best memories with your bridesmaids are in the club or at the house party, you have to give this gift set a look. It’s got everything your greatest friends who have been there through it all will need to get down and cut loose in style and convenience. For these fun-loving bridesmaids and your maid of honor, we propose mixing and matching a deluxe flask gift set with a torch flame lighter and cigarette case gift set, depending on each lady’s preferences. Both sets are silver glittered and shimmering, and feature all the fashion and convenience they’ll need for a night in the spotlight. The flask set comes with a shot cup and funnel, while the lighter set provides the chic Dragon torch flame lighter and shining Savannah cigarette case. Each set can be engraved any way you like for the ultimate in personalization and memory-making, and your bridesmaids and maid of honor are sure to love this incredible array of gifts they’ll receive. Don’t forget to get a little something extra for your attendants and the flower girl as well. To both say thanks and let them know how you’ve taken notice of their wonderful service, try a pretty pink bracelet that can be engraved with their names. It’s appropriate, fun, and comes at a nice price. For you and your girls looking for a good time, this gift set stands out clearly among the rest: be sure to pick it up today.

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  6. A Set Worth 1,000 Words:

    Photographs provide a wonderful way to keep our fondest memories vivid long after their flavor may have passed. That's why we tend to take the most photos of events we consider the most important, like special occasions, birthdays, and milestone events. Weddings are so important that professional photographers are usually hired to make sure all of the most special moments are captured on film throughout the day. Do you and your bridesmaids love photo-opps and the chance to store some of your most treasured memories in an album as well as your heart? If so, then you simply must look into the Set Worth 1,000 Words as a bridesmaids gift. All the gifts in this set are specially chosen items which can store photos and enhance the memories of those fine moments you and your best girls have shared. You can add photos of times past as an added touch of personal care, or you can use photos from your wedding day as an especially appropriate alternative. No matter how you present these fine gifts, however, your wedding party is sure to love them. For instance, your bridesmaids will adore this photo locket, totally engravable and unmistakably sweet. It has a heart shape on the front and is made of a stainless steel as strong as the bond between you and your bridesmaids. For your maid of honor, we suggest a gift with the capacity to hold a few more photos, like this pink suede photo album, quite possibly the most moving method of storing memories. This album, which comes with free engraving, is a complete gift that gives more than just material goods: it gives memories. Be sure to engrave you maid of honor's name or your wedding details right on the front of the album for a gift she will cherish forever more. Finally, for the flower girl and your ever-important attendants, consider a red leather key chain that doubles as a photo holder. Give them a gift they can personalize with the photo of their choice and you have a gift you know they’ll love. Give them a gift that allows for photographic additions and you’ve given them a gift Set Worth 1,000 Words.

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  7. The Cigarette Set:

    For the girls who have always enjoyed a slim smoke together, the cigarette set is the obvious choice. A gift of good smoking supplies such as those listed below will enhance their smoking experiences and make for some great times to come in the days ahead. So be sure to surprise your bridesmaids and maid of honor with the gift they can use and love again and again, like the Zora torch flame lighter and Stella cigarette case gift set. Each set in the softest of pinks, the Stella also features a glitter finish and an engraving plate for your own customized additions! Inscribe your wedding date or your bridesmaids’ initials for display that will take their breath away. As an extra sign of devotion and appreciation for your maid of honor, consider the Cosmopolitan pink finish ashtray. It’s a great match with the Zora/Stella gift set, and will add a fashion and convenience unlike any other to her enjoyment. For the flower girl who may be a while away from enjoying tobacco herself, we suggest a small break from the theme with a lovely key chain photo locket. It’s a great way to say thanks to the special girl who clears the way for your bridesmaids, the groomsmen, and finally, yourself, to come down the aisle. For your once in a lifetime event, make sure you show proper and thoughtful appreciation to your best girls with the Cigarette Set by eLighters.

    Set Includes:

  8. The Workin' Girls Set:

    For the girls on the go, the business savvy do-it-all super-heroines, this Workin’ Girls Gift Set is the smart, thoughtful choice for the busy bride to be. Get your bridesmaids and maid of honor the kind of gift that they want: the one that will help them look professional and get ahead in their respective businesses while simultaneously conveying your deep appreciation to the service and commitment they have provided you for so long as well. This gift set is full of such gifts, like the Recept black leather business card case from Visol. It comes with free engraving, so be sure to mark your wedding date or add the initials of your best girls to the front of this fine case. As an additional note of thanks to your especially devoted maid of honor, we humbly suggest a pink pocket mirror, a great way to make sure she’s looking her best throughout her rigorous day. And finally, for the little ones like ring bearer and flower girl who have many years before they enter the fast-paced world of business, give them a stainless steel yoyo so they can enjoy their youth as they should. Engravable and sturdy, it’s sure to last throughout their childhood and beyond. In the marketplace, you need the right tools and accessories to get ahead. Give your bridesmaids this proper equipment as the ultimate sign of gratitude today with the Workin’ Girls’ Gift Set.

    Set Includes:

  9. Mix'n'Match Mirrors:

    This set takes advantage of the wide array of pocket compact mirrors we offer here at eLighters. Pocket mirrors are a fantastic and almost essential way for a lady to make sure she looks her best, come what may. Check out either of these fine mirrors, the hot pink or the flower design, each made of stainless steel and completely engravable, and match them to the personal styles of your bridesmaids and maid of honor. Mixing and matching can be a fun and exciting way to give gifts, as your best girls won’t know what to expect for themselves! You can also continue the gift giving and provide your attendants and even the flower girl with mirrors of their own. Show everyone that you not only appreciate all they’ve done to make your most important day the best it can be, but that you are thoughtful and savvy enough to provide them with a fine compact mirror that matches their own style as well. A truly unforgettable gift idea!

    Set Includes:

  10. The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of:

    In general, the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of are either entirely free, as in your true love with your husband to be, or more expensive than the rest, as in your dream wedding. For those who have no worries of budgets or price tags, we offer the best of the best right here for your convenience. This set covers everyone a bride should thank while allowing her to express her gratitude with only the finest quality items. For your bridesmaids and maid of honor, a combination of a top notch manicure kit with a pink glitter cigarette case. The manicure kit offers a fun and easy way to give professional mani’s from the comfort of your own home, while the cigarette case is the most popular alternative to a purse for women going to clubs and other places where bulky bags become nothing but a nuisance. Add a leather imprint to the case and an engraving to the manicure kit with your wedding details, the names of your bridesmaids, or even a special message for a truly memorable display they’re sure to love. Let us not forget, however, that your maid of honor also deserves something a bit more for the extra time and commitment she has so dutifully exhibited throughout the arduous process of wedding planning. Show her how much she means to you with the addition of a silver pendant watch, a breath-taking thank-you she’ll never forget. For the attendants, a one of a kind heart shaped purse holder, an amazing convenience you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. And finally, for the children who add that innocent touch of sweetness to your ceremony, various and fun key chains for all. For the flower girl, a red leather key chain that can hold photos as well. And for the young gentleman who serves as ring bearer, a key chain with built-in LED light for a fun toy he won’t soon put down. With only the best gifts for all, your wedding will be remembered for what it should be: the best wedding your party has ever attended. Make the memory of your most special of days last on and on with the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of.

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