Playboy & Pinups
Feast your eyes on these elegant and exotic Zippo Playboy and Pinup lighters. Zippo has done a great job with the designs and colors on these windproof lighters. Let the Playboy lighters from Zippo hop their way into your life with their bright and playful design. For a custom and personalized touch, some of these lighters are available with engraving options!
An iconic brand famous for their bunny and magazine, these Playboy lighters from Zippo will capture your interest with their variety of cool designs. Whether you enjoy smoking cigars and cigarettes or are just a fan of Playboy, these creative lighters make a great collector's piece. Taking bunny hops toward your direction, all these lighters feature the famous Playboy bunny logo. Made in the USA, Zippo lighters are backed by their lifetime warranty. Flint ignition lighters, take your smoking experience to a whole new level with the Playboy Lighters collection from Zippo!
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