Deep Carve & MultiCut Collection
Precise deep carve engraving produces intricate designs and fascinating illusions on the surface of these Armor class Zippo lighters. Additions of Swarovski ccrystals or epoxy inlays play into some of the designs making them truly unique. The MultiCut technique is new and allows the engravings to go to the edge, over the edge and all over the lighter's surface, creating more design possibilities.
Since 1932, Zippo has been manufacturing dependable and durable pocket lighters to smoke your cigars and cigarettes. With the Zippo BLU lighters, Zippo has perfected the flame evolution with this line of lighters. Zippo BLU lighters boast superior reliability, classic styles and a flint ignition system that's backed by Zippo's famous lifetime warranty. Made in the USA, this lighter collection features patented technology and is even a winner of the "Successes Through Synergy" from Phillis Morris USA. The Zippo BLU lighters are butane refillable, equipped with a fuel indicator level and marked with a unique bottom stamp and date code. From classic to wild and innovative designs, eLighters offers a cool selection of Zippo BLU lighters. A select few even come with free engraving making them the ultimate lighter for your smoking needs.
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