Flask Gift Sets For Women
From lovely touches of pink to bright and sparkling surfaces, our women's flask gift sets are selected especially for women. Lots of ladies have given us ideas on how they would like to see their flask gift set and we have listened. Most of these flask gift sets are popular as bridesmaids gifts due to their customizable features so check out the selection we offer.
Fabulous and beyond, Flask Gift Sets for Women dazzle with their bright and bubbly shades of color ready to bring a smile to the gift receiver's face. We offer a variety of flasks packed in these cool gift sets ranging from a funnel accessory to cool shot cups to share your favorite drink with your girlfriends. These made to order gift sets make wonderful presents for special occasions, especially bridesmaids with their stunning looks and engravable features. The standard flask gift sets come with a flask and funnel for easy filling. If you prefer an extra drinking tool, a shot cup, we suggest either the stellar or deluxe gift set. The stellar gift sets come with a telescopic shot cup with a key chain. You can sip your favorite drink from a shot cup on the go with its portable shot cup, flask and funnel gift set. If you require more than one shot cup to share drinks with friends, go deluxe all the way! These gift sets include a flask, funnel and couple of shot cups. From pink leather to sparkles, get an beautiful and fabulous flask gift set.
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