Colibri Lighters
At eLighters, we provide one of the largest selections online for Colibri as an authorized dealer. From quantum lighters to tabletop lighters, discover the perfect lighter to fulfill your smoking needs. Colibri manufacturers lighters ideal for cigar, cigarette and even pipe smokers making them one of the most popular brand names in the cigarette and cigar industry. Their lighters are butane refillable and covered with a two year limited warranty from Colibri. Don't forget to buy Colibri Butane to refill your Colibri lighter.
Colibri Lighters offer superior service and quality at a push of a button. In 1928, the Colibri Group introduced the world's first automatic lighter which was an instant success. A leader in lighter technology, Colibri over the past 80 years continues to innovate by offering a wide array of stylish and practical lighters plus men's accessories. At eLighers, we provide a large selection of Colibri lighters to satisfy your needs. We offer the quantum series, high altitude & outdoor series, double & triple torch flame cigar lighters, pipe lighters, table lighters, flint lighters and a women's collection of Colibri lighters. Colibri lighters come with a two year warranty from the manufacturer.
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