Candle and Grill Lighters
Choose from a large selection of fireplace, candle and grill lighters from popular brands such as Zippo and Colibri. All lighters in this section are covered under 2 year warranty and are butane refillable.
For those hard to reach lighting places, instead of struggling to light the grill or fireplace with a match, get one of our cool candle or grill lighters. These lighters make the ultimate tool to keep around the house and patio with their convenient usage. At eLighters, we offer a variety of candle and grill lighters from popular brands Zippo and Colibri known for their premium quality. These multi-purpose lighters will come in handy in many situations from lighting the grill, fireplace or even a candle. Why struggle to match when you can have a reliable flame at push of a button. Many of these lighters come with a child safety lock mechanism for protection. Light up a simple way while expressing your personality style with our variety of candle and grill lighters.
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